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The religions being preached all around, emphasize on doing good “karma” which means doing good deeds, alongside mentioning that how everything which is happening is happening as to the wish of the invisible force, “almighty/god”, which means what so ever one is experiencing and occurring is because that invisible force is wishing that to occur. So if this be the case, how is the individual responsible for the thing which it has done, or rather made to “do”, in the present set up either one of the statement has to be false, either the statement of all happening by the wish of that invisible or the person has to pay for its bad karmas or have reward for the good ones.

The existence of the energies, remains the same, its just how to you changed your stance ( by the afflicting changing landscape, emotions, who are there because of your perception as what may or likely to happen) is what makes “you” take the saddle, as its you who has chosen exhibiting energy in that particular manner. If the energies are maintained at optimum levels, then there is no sense of fear, stress and other associating emotions, as their optimal levels makes you to be rejoicing each moment, and work towards making it better, but without any prejudice, fear.

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